Guardian Air

Acting as a Guardian Air, the Germguardian air purifiers are made for the protection of your home environment against several dangerous airborne bacteria. Dust mites, household dust, and airborne germs are all factors of a poor air quality.

germguardian-worksHow Does these Guardian Air Units Work ?

To perform the task of a real Air Guardian, the Germguardian air purifiers are equipped with some serious technology. The most popular one is the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate ArrestanceFilter that is, according to the manufacturer, capable of capturing up to 99% of airborne allergens, a technology that is very useful for people that have a cat in their house. Some users reported that this Guardian Air have helped reduce the impact of allergy symptoms.


The Design of the Guardian Air


I have to say that almost all the air purifiers made by Guardiantechnologies looks good. The most popular ones are the following :

  1. Germguardian AC4825
  2. Germguardian AC5000E
  3. Germguardian AC5250PT

To read more about each one, please go the Reviews page or click on the model’s name in the list above.

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