Germguardian Troubleshouting and Filters – FLT4825 and FLT5000

Here is a quick guide to deal with Germguardian air purifiers if you didn’t read the full Germguardian Manual.

Frequently Clean the Unitcharcoal-filter

As I mention in the AC4825 Review, you have to to clean the air purifier once every two weeks (if your environment is highly exposed to dust and so) or at t least once every month as well as the outer Pre-/Charcoal Filter attached to the HEPA Filter, otherwise you may experience an increase in noise level.


The Germguardian Red LightGermguardian-red-light-Troubleshooting

When the power light is red and flashing, this is the time to replace the filter.(see how in the next section). If you have the AC4825, the FLT4825 is what you need click here to get it from Amazon. If you have the AC5000, then you must get the FLT5000, click here to buy one from Amazon.

When the Blue Light is flashing it’s the bulb that should be replaced. It is recommended to replace The UV-C Bulb 10 to 12 months depending on use.

Germguardian Replacement Parts

Germguardian AC4825 Series

Bulb : Model No. LB4000 ( Shop Here).

Filter : Model No. FLT4825 ( Shop Here).

Germguardian AC5000 Series

Bulb : Model No. LB5000 ( Shop Here).

Filter : Model No. FLT5000 ( Shop Here).

Germguardian AC5350 Series

Bulb : Model No. LB5000 ( Shop Here).

Filter : Filter C model No. FLT5000 ( Shop Here).

Germguardian AC5250 Series

Bulb : Model No. LB5000 ( Shop Here).

Filter : Model No. FLT5000 ( Shop Here).

How to change the Filter and The Bulb

If you didn’t got the filter/bulb yet, make sure to bookmark this page in case you want to check it later when you want to replace the parts.

germguardian-replace-rilter germguardian-replace-bulb






And if you still have problems, please call the customer service 1.866.603.5900.

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